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Review of One Bowl from Haibun Today

Review of Recycling Starlight from Joseph Hutchinson

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Review of The Resonance Around Us by Adele Kenny in Tiferet Journal


Compressed and compelling, the lyric poems in this collection are touched by the spiritual awareness that is a signature quality of Harter’s work. Her incorporation of nature and human nature shows us our place in the world and whispers of our connection to the divine. Containing both free verse and a series of haibun (a genre of Japanese poetry that combines prose and haiku), this book is powered by the author’s observations of daily life and her reflections on losses and love, all underscored by Harter’s devotion to the particular and an ineffable sense of something mystical. Technically impressive and filled with the inner music that Harter always achieves in her work, these poems present intimate treatments of reality and being. They tell us that even loss is a gift—that what we had, we will always have. Such poems resonate in the reader’s consciousness long after the reading is done and the book is closed. 


From “The Great Blue”:  


Let us praise the heron’s motionless poise, the weaving dance of sea grass, the quicksilver glimmers of tiny fish, the scribbles migrating pelicans give to the sky. They need no translation.


young again

in last night’s dream

a shooting star


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