• Penny Harter

Three Poems Just Published in “International Psychoanalysis”

I’m happy to announce that three of my poems: “At Ninety, My Father,” “The Door in the Sun,” and “Last Night I Woke Crying,” are featured for the month of November in the “Poetry Monday” column of the journal  International Psychoanalysis, edited by Irene Willis.


The first two poems are from my book Buried in the Sky (La Alameda Press, 2001). “Last Night I Woke Crying” is a new poem from my chapbook manuscript, Recycling Starlight,  a cycle of about 18 poems that I’ve written over the past year since Bill’s death. (I’m currently talking with a publisher who would like to publish that chapbook. More on that when it becomes definite.) Many good things are happening with respect to publication these days, and I feel both blessed and grateful.

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