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The Beastie Book reviewed on Macaroni Kids

I’m happy to announce that The Beastie Book, has just been reviewed on Hillsborough/Branchburg/Somerville: Macaroni Kid website:

It was posted there last Saturday and will be up throughout the week, during which time it will also be posted nationally on a number of other Macaroni Mom’s websites.

Update, July 12th, 2010: If you click on the site above, you’ll get the current page. Use the “Search” box to put in The Beastie Book, and it will take you right to the review. Thanks!

Here’s the review:


The Beastie Book – An Alphabestiary. A Visually Captivating Dream Through The Alphabet


The Oopsy ties her shoes wrong

And never combs her hair.

Sometimes she doesn’t brush her teeth

Or clean her messy hair.

Her shirts are buttoned crooked,

Her socks don’t match at all,

And if you try to help her out

She’ll only start to bawl.

The Beastie Book: An Alphabestiary was written by New Jersey author, Penny Harter and illustrated by New Jersey resident Alexandra Miller.

The Beastie Book is a unique and dreamlike imaginary voyage through the alphabet.  Each letter is expressed in a poem about a mythical beastie creature.  Each poem is accompanied by a visually lush illustration.  A little added surprise—each letter is hidden in the poem’s illustration.   When I received the book, I showed my 6 year old daughter.  She immediately was drawn to the art work.  We sat down and read the poems A through Z.  She adored the silly beastie poems and enjoyed searching for the hidden letter.  After we read the book, she scurried away and put in her room where her favorite books go (the place where she hides thing from her younger sister).  At bedtime, we read the book again.  The following day, she was teaching her class of dolls and animals about the alphabet using the book.

My daughter’s reaction to the book speaks volumes—pun intended.  I think the uniqueness of its poems and illustrations captivate the young imagination — and the older one.   My Macaronies gave it their seal of approval and so did this Macaroni Mom.


I’m so happy with this review by Allison Rebenack, and hope it inspires its readers to check out the book. If you’re interested, perhaps you can even ask your library to order a copy.

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