• Penny Harter

“The Beastie Book” goes to print

For all of you who have been wondering when The Beastie Book will be available–and I know some of you are eagerly anticipating it–I have great news: It has gone to the printer.

And please do visit the Shenanigan Books site, where you can check out the other wonderful offerings from this unique press. My granddaughter Courtney ( age 9) loves both The Book of Mermaids and A Book of Fairies, and my grandson Conor (age 5) really identifies with the younger brother of the older sister in the delightful Star of the Show. Of course, they both can’t wait for their very own copies of The Beastie Book which is, in part, dedicated to them. They think Grandma Penny is famous (grin).

I’ll be sure to let you know when the book is available. It is listed as being available on November1st, and we’ll hope it makes it by then. If you decide to order it, you can have your copy or copies in time for Christmas, which makes me very happy.

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