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Overdue Updates

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to update properly. Here are some chronological highlights since January of this year (2012):

I enjoyed a wonderful long weekend at Peter Murphy’s “Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway” at the Seaview Resort, January 13-16, and wrote both poems and  haibun to Peter’s wonderful prompts. It was great to see many old poet friends from North Jersey, as well as good poet friends from South Jersey. The whole long weekend was absolutely wonderful, from workshop and sharing sessions, the one-on-one feedback sessions, and the readings, to the buffet food the Seaview prepared .


Because I could commute to the Getaway, this was the first year since moving to South Jersey that I’ve been able to afford to go; the Seaview is only about twenty minutes from where I live. Thanks to Peter and all who participated! I will go again every year I can. I’ll come back soon and add some photos I took while there.

My books on the table at the 2012 Getaway

The wonderful Seaview Hotel buffet at the 2012 Getaway

All three of the haibun I wrote there have either been already published or accepted for publication. Two of them will be coming out in Contemporary Haibun Online (CHO), and I’ll  add the links for accessing them soon.  The third haibun is featured in an interview I had with Richard Krawiec, haibun editor for Notes from the Gean, about my haibun “Into the Sky. (pp. 14-18). You can use the flip page feature to access the table of contents.


In addition, in this new issue of Notes from the Gean, I have a verse in a renray with Susan Meyers Nelson, Curtis Dunlap, and Terri L. French on page 29. And one of my haiku (and one of Bill’s) are thoughtfully  in a thoughtful commentary by Susan Shand on pp. 100-101.

It’s a wonderful on-line journal and I encourage everyone to read through it in its very accessible new on-line format.


I’ll update again soon. Lots of good things have been happening.

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