• Penny Harter

My Poem “The Lone Ranger” on My Daily Poem site for 8/13/10

I’m happy to announce that my poem, “The Lone Ranger” is posted today on “My Daily Poem.”

“My Daily Poem” is a wonderful site, and I recommend your subscribing. The poems posted on it are designed to be accessible and appealing to anyone, not just poets and academics.  I’ve recently started getting them, and it’s a great way to start your day.

You can access my poem at:


It takes you back to radio days—to when I was in second and third grade. Join me in that apartment dining-room in a big old house on Kingsley Avenue in Staten Island, NY, where my father and I shared an evening ritual of listening to “The Lone Ranger.” A few years later, in my cowgirl phase in Clark, NJ, I became Dale Evans. I still remember my red felt cowgirl hat, and my leather belt with holster in which I housed my pearl-handled cap pistol. Only problem was I didn’t have a horse.

Hope you enjoy the poem!

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