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My First Copy of “The Beastie Book” arrives–and is now available

The Beastie Book, my hardcover alphabestiary of rhyming poems for totally imaginary creatures, illustrated by Alexandra Miller, has just been published by Shenanigan Books. I’m so excited!

Last August in an earlier post, I announced that the book had gone to print. Well, last week the publisher called me to say that she’d gotten six advance copies, and one was on its way to me. Then, Monday afternoon it arrived via FedEx. It is absolutely beautiful, and I’m thrilled. The illustrations are marvelous and full of brilliant color. The design and presentation of the text—plus the whole layout of the book—remind me of the old fairytale books.  It’s on lovely paper and has sewn signatures.

(Please see below for updated ordering information.)

When one contemplates the unopened envelope or box containing a new book, there is always the trembling hope that one will like it. When I pulled this book out, I literally jumped up and down in delight.  I’m in love with it and hope reviewers and readers everywhere will also like it, and want to order it—not only for the children in their lives, but also for the children still alive inside them. (Obviously, the child in me wrote the poems :)).  I am extremely fortunate to have an extraordinarily talented illustrator, and a publisher who knows how to match text with artist and design a gorgeous book.

**UPDATE**As of the week of December 7th, the publisher is now sending out copies as she receives orders. Below is a link to a PDF file you can print out and fill in for ordering the book — and get it before the holidays :):

And here’s a link to a page from which you can order it on-line from the publisher:

**FURTHER UPDATE: 12/18/09: Also, you can now order it through and get it by December 24th,”standard shipping,” if you order it soon.  Just put in The Beastie Book:** And if you click on “larger picture” on the book page at, you’ll get a really good photo of the cover :).

Have fun!

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