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5 Tanka featured on Shreve Memorial Library Electronic Poetry Network

In addition to my regular poems, I have been writing tanka in recent weeks. Several weeks ago on Curtis Dunlap’s Tobacco Road blog, Carlos Colon posted an invitation to submit short poems for possible use on the Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network (EPN) , and I sent him a group of tanka and short poems

I’m delighted that five of my tanka (one per day / weekend) will be featured next week (the week of January 4th, 2010) on the  Electronic Poetry Network. However, after that week, the link won’t work.

The poems will be running all day (or all weekend) long on an electronic message board at the Main Library in Shreveport, Louisiana.  There will also be a companion location for the EPN on the Library’s web site where you can see all five poems. The poems are usually posted on Monday morning. In addition, the “Poem of the Day” is e-mailed to poetry lovers in the  21-branch library system. During that week only, you can see a different tanka each day by visiting:

And if you are visiting after the week of January 4th, you might enjoy seeing the other poems posted there.

So I hope you will stop by the EPN and enjoy my poems.

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