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I'm grateful to Marietta McGregor for including a poem of mine in this week's Haiku Dialogue column at the Haiku Foundation. . . . HAIKU DIALOGUE – Finding peace and contemplation… in quiet spaces… in a gallery: https://thehaikufoundation.org/haiku-dialogue-finding.../ childhood memories retrieved from long ago— Norman Rockwell Penny Harter Mays Landing, NJ https://www.nrm.org/ Congratulations to all the featured and selected poets!

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I haven’t written a new poem in a while. Here’s one born this morning, an early birthday poem, perhaps a gift to myself. I'm turning 82. When she was in her late eighties, I remember asking my mother

A video of last night's Poetry of Hope reading is now available, so if you couldn't make it, go now. And if you want to see it again, enjoy! Poems of hope and connection by authors: Kai Coggin, Penny

So pleased that Visual-Verse has included my poem in their February anthology, written to the lovely butterfly picture. Happy to see other poet friends there, too. (To also see my poem in the journal,