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So pleased that Visual-Verse has included my poem in their February anthology, written to the lovely butterfly picture. Happy to see other poet friends there, too. (To also see my poem in the journal, scroll down to p. 90).

Once Upon a Time Penny Harter

How often we envy the butterflies, spirits of the air, flashing their stained glass wings while migrating on a breeze we barely feel as it grazes our skin, sifts strands of our hair.

How often we wish we could spin a chrysalis, take refuge in cocooned protection during the bad days that surely come, wrapping our sorrows in silk until we emerge bearing light.

I will lift up mine eyes, the psalmist begins his praise-song, and we do, letting the heavens fill them as I did once upon a time, cradled in a baby-carriage, rolling along in a cocoon

until my mother stopped by the garden, and we were charmed by butterflies, even the little cabbage whites, all good fairies at my cradle, now and then visiting to bless me still.

(c) 2022 Penny Harter

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