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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

And after posting my poem from Lizard Light earlier, later this morning, a new poem has arrived, also born from the encounter with the Barry Lopez video, and from my son having given me a copy of his book Horizon last Christmas. Hope you enjoy! ________________

To the Horizon

We have been on a dark plain for many months now, spring, summer, autumn, winter cycling more than once. Although the days have varied and the temperatures shifted, we have been unable to answer the light.

Past this Winter Solstice, we must let more light seep in, observe the Japanese practice of Kintsugi of filling the cracks in a broken pot with gold, making it stronger and more valuable than before.

Yesterday morning a vee of geese rose from the nearby river, their dark wings rowing chill currents of wind toward the horizon. The leader of the flock always varies, others volunteering when it needs to rest—the community doing what it must.

And bees in the winter hive form a tight ball, all their wings vibrating as one, humming to keep the whole warm while the ones at center migrate outward to give those on the periphery a chance. We must learn to do the same, moving together toward the horizon of spring.

© 2021 Penny Harter

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